INTERPROFIEL B.V.B.A.                                       Belgian woodworking machinery and tools

   Steenweg Peutie 120   B-1830 Machelen   Belgi

H   Second-hand machines
A wide rang of tools made to measure

Profile cutters (HSS)
All kind of tools for lathes (for wood)
Very short delivery time
Exceptional relation between price and      quality
Worldwide service

Stayring,smoothing and roughing gouges
Special gouges and copy gouges,all
 spareparts and tooling for all types of
 lathes and brands

Drills,mills and uppermills
 (Video available)

Roughing and smoothing gouges for
 handwork (chissels)

Hardcroomed gouges
Saws for copy lathes  (Hempel)
Six-pronged mandrels,counterpoints,

All sorts of stayrings,nilos rings
Template blank
All sorts of ball bearings,spindles
Sandingpaper for sandermachines
We have a wide range of second-hand machines and represent the following brands
Automatic straight grooving and helical
 channeling machines and other special

        Livio Macchia s.n.c.

All types of copying lathes and special

      Torreda-Tormadex s.a.

Industrial automatic lathes,sanders and
 other machines

Locatelli Macchine s.r.l.
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